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Astronomical Events Calendar's Eclipses 2012 Portal (thanks from NASA):

Transit of Venus: June 5-6, 2012! Last one until 2117!

Annular Solar Eclipse of
2012 May 20
Partial Lunar Eclipse of
2012 Jun 04

Total Solar Eclipse of
2012 Nov 13
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of
2012 Nov 28


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NASA's Eclipse Website --- great resource on eclipses, future and historical!
Collection of Eclipse Links (from old website)

This is a great picture of the earth being eclipsed on Jan 4 2011 as taken by a spacecraft:

Other eclipses of 2011: 

Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jan 04 Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jun 01 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 Jun 15

Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jul 01Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Nov 25Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 Dec 10

Here's a quick picture of the January 4, 2011 Annular Solar Eclipse as taken by the Hinode Satellite. 

Here's a quick picture of the June 1, 2011 partial solar eclipse from Tromso, Norway.

Credits can be found here.
Eclipse on JULY 1, 2011