Moon & Planets (Feb 2012)

FEBRUARY 26, 2012: Tonight the moon conjuncts with Jupiter, as seen in the images below. Venus is the bottommost object in the image. The lovely crescent moon adds texture.

FEBRUARY 25, 2012: The moon has been new on Feb. 21, and now the crescent beautifully careses the evening sky. Below are the crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus together on February 23, 2012. Conjunction coming up soon!

FEBRUARY 7, 2012: The moon is full tonight, and it is simply spectacular! Although my camera glares it, becasue it's so bright, I didn't take any good pictures to post, but in return, there are lovely images of Venus and Jupiter, who brilliantly shine. The first shows the two planets together; then Venus and Jupiter are zoomed in, although they could be assimilated similar to distant blurs of light!

FEBRUARY 6, 2012: February 7: full moon. The moon this afternoon is at its prime! It will be full tomorrow, and the results are simply spectacular! Below are pictures of the moon right before 6 pm EST on this date with the planets bringing in the rear of the photoshoot. [Why are pictures taken right after moonrise? In order to make the moon not glare (as you can see first in the pictures below), the moon must be photographed right before the sun sets so that glare is not transmitted to the moon. It is partially the fault of my camera, though!]

Moon on February 5, 2012 after sunset - the result: the glare.

Visit here for more planetary photographs, i.e., those of Venus and Jupiter.

FEBRUARY 5, 2012: The moon is almost full! Such divinity does these recent pictures of the moon display, as its beautiful orb is seen with old tree stalks in the foreground. The below picture was taken at 4:53 pm EST, as the moon had just risen.

FEBRUARY 3, 2012: The moon is growing larger each day, which means it is rising later and later. This is a picture of a waxing gibbous moon around 5:30 pm EST. It is no where near the position it was days before, although at the same time of day.

FEBRUARY 2, 2012: The moon rose today 12:44 pm EST, but wasn't seen until two, because of being blocked by trees. Below are pictures of the moon, with the trees and clouds in the background. Although it is hard to see the moon in these pictures becasue of the sun's bright rays (it is mid afternoon!), the moon is nevertheless beautiful, as it delicately caresses the barren trees behind it. (The trees are not actually behind it though. The trees are, say, 100 feet way, while the moon is [averagely] 237,087 miles away, although its distance at a given time is variable).

[All these images below until February 1, 2012 are taken 2/2/12 around 2-2:30 pm EST.]

FEBRUARY 1, 2012: The loose filaments of the conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus has already been seen! [This conjunction is scheduled in late March]. All the objects are seen together (February 1, 2012 and so forth) in the night sky after sundown, and soon they will be (Jupiter and Venus) three degrees apart from each other.

First Quarter Moon on January 31, 2012
"Below are personal photos of the Jupiter-Moon conjunction on January 30, 2012. The time was approximately 6:00 pm EST, and as you can see, the moon was high and brightly shining! Jupiter was south of the moon, and left, in the picture below. The following picture is that of Venus, with clouds and trees in the background," taken from this article on Astronomical Events Calendar.

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