Monday, April 25, 2011

Comet Elenin: a threat to Earth?

Thanks for coming! It might benefit you to come to this page about Elenin.

After much contemplation of the subject, Comet Elenin seems as if the earth will be no longer. When the celestial body reaches perihelion in mid-September, some 'astronomers' say that Elenin will cause earth to act funny; strange things will occur on our planet. On March 11th (note the same day as the Japanese Tsunami), Elenin was in syzygy with the earth AND Sun. (Syzygy is an astronomical alignment). With a few more alignments to take place, some 'astronomers' believe the even stranger things to occur. But, this could be a hoax.  There is a 1 in 600 trillion 664 billion 550 million 800 thousand and 5 to one chance that it might be attracted to earths magnetic force in about 35 years time. The odds are off--so were safe! But, nevertheless, many so-called 'astronomers' (hence, that's why I put quotations around them!) will try to make you think that Elenin will cause chaos on earth, needless to say hit it.

But, it's for you to decide if Elenin will hit earth. Miribile Dictu--it has its own website. So, check it out to find more about it every day -- who knows? This could be a great astronomical event!

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