Monday, January 9, 2012

Stellar Rebellion! Young Star Rebels Against its Parent Cloud

Sh 2-106 (S106) was a tranquil, picturesque nursery where stars began their life, but according to some new information, one star isn't too happy about its present state. Despite its pulchritudinous appearance, S106 has become a warpath of a star who is actually 'rebelling' against its parent's nursery, which has been described as 'demonic' and 'diabolic.' With a mass about fifteen times that of the sun, this star, named S106 IR has certainly taken rebellion underway, with its disturbing jets and ejection of material; other stars aren't too keen on the disruption that's taking place, let alone the parent cloud (not that they have feelings)!

"For now, S106 IR remains embedded in its parent cloud, but it is rebelling against it," the European Space Association (with the Hubble) write in their article, Young Star Rebels Against its Parent Cloud.The gas that is seen in the below picture does look attractive, but it is actually over 10000 degree Celsius on account of the galactic disturbance. "The star's radiation ionises the hydrogen lobes, making them glow," (what light color is blue in the image; the red light is the cooling dust lanes).

Use of these images is courtesy of the UK Schmidt Telescope (copyright in which is owned by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council of the UK and the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board) and the Southern Sky Survey as created by the SuperCOSMOS measuring machine. From here.
Ground-based view of the area around star-forming region S 106 Star Rebellion!

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