Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012: Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon

Such divinities have abundantly been pangyrized to us these past, invigorating days. The Moon and the planets have put on quite a spectacular show and I am proud to present their fruits. You may visit our Moon and Planet page for more pictures. "The moon this afternoon [February 6, 2012] is at its prime! It will be full tomorrow, and the results are simply spectacular! Below are pictures of the moon right before 6 pm EST on this date with the planets bringing in the rear of the photoshoot."  Quote from Moon and Planets Page, linked above.

Each of these pictures were taken on February 6, 2012 before 6 pm EST. The moon had just risen before 4:45 pm EST and have passed the treeline. You can see the moon and planets below. [The planet shots were taken before 6:15 pm EST].

Copyright 2012 by Matthew Winter

Jupiter and Venus lost in the sunset.
What blessings the moon and planets are!

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