Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Jovian Dual-Transit Completed!

Starting at 17:17 UT and ending just 4 minutes later at 17:21, Io and Europa dual-transited Jupiter's surface. Although not a great transit (note the length), Io and Europa still faithfully completed the transit! To read more about these transits, view Dual-Transits of the Jovian Moons 2011 or this blog on this transit.

The Jovian Satellites Simulator of the Transits page gives us a good idea of what this transit looks like at its best:

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  1. Until a good transit, check out my Jovian Dual-Transits blog on the right sidebar under 'Useful astronomy links.' Go to 'Jovian Dual Transits 2011' and I have the latest there. Thanks!