Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Four Planet Dance of 2011: What Happened? gives us a good view of pictures to show what happened that golden eve of May 11. On May 9, Mariano Ribas, native to Buenos Aires, Argentina,  photographed the gathering from his home. Ribas said:
"It was an awesome morning with an unforgettable view: four planets packed in just a 7º piece of sky. The very compact Venus-Mercury-Jupiter triangle was simply hypnotic. And Mars, below them, was faint but still clearly visible to naked eye. Marvelous planetary gathering, but the best is yet to come." [His picture is below]

Being one of my personal favorites, shot by Danny Ratcliffe of Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia: this is what we see. He writes:
"Dawn planets still continue to shine through the morning twilight here at Deception Bay. It was captivating to see 3 of the planets lined up to the sunrise over Moreton Island QLD..."