Friday, September 2, 2011

The Moon To Occult Delta Scorpii

Thankfully the moon is darker than it was during the last occultations we've experienced (it s at 43% illumination), so the occultation of 2.3 magnitude Delta Scorpii will be a much easier-to-see occultation. If you live along the eastern coast of America, or down in Mexico, and up to the Aleutian islands, this occultation should be spectacular, again, thanks to the moon and magnitude of the star. From approximately 7pm EDT to 10:30 pm EDT the occultation takes place - come to this link for more exact times in your area. 

For just, pure theoretical information, Delta Scorpii will be the brightest star occulted in 2011 and it is perhaps the best occultation for those in the visibility zone. The disappearance and reappearance should be visible without a telescope (that proves its the best for 2011), if you would like instructions for viewing occultations, Sky&Telescope have a nice page for viewing. Have a great viewing!

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