Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Full Text of "Astronomical Events: Eclipses, Transits, Occultations & Conjunctions" is Finally Available to Read Online At Astronomical Events Calendar!

Written by Matthew Winter in the spring of 2011, this comprehensive essay discusses the nature and occurrences of eclipses, transits, occultations, and conjunctions. These rare phenomena have enchanted the mind of many -- especially unto the extent of mutual phenomena -- like an eclipse & transit occurring at the same time. Now, Astronomical Events Calendar has finally published this celestial masterpiece, and it can be obtained by clicking HERE!!

To define unknown terms:

Eclipse - a passing of a celestial body into the shadow of another, or casting one upon another. (From there, ou can distinguish solar & lunar eclipse. There are also exo-lunar eclipses, planetary eclipses, etc. All are defined in detail in the paper).

Transit - the passing of a body across another, such as the sun. (Do not confuse 'eclipse' with 'transit,' for a transit is a mini-eclipse. The reason why is in the paper.)

transit of venus, date ?
Occultation - the sudden disappearance of an object behind another. There are stellar occultations, planetary occultations, and lunar planetary occultations (find out more in the paper.)

Conjunction - the passing of two or more objects very close relative to each other as seen from earth. (Anything can conjunct. The moon and Saturn, Io (a Jovian moon) and Dione (a Saturnian moon) can conjunct as viewed from a certain location, etc.)

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