Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jupiter in November Evenings

Jupiter is high in the sky this November month, even though it is dimming after being at opposition this past October 29. In the next few days, Jupiter will be near some of the greatest astronomical objects to see, and it works excellently for being a guide - after all, Jupiter is shining near magnitude -2.5! (The Galilean moons are still shining strong, so watch them as you might. They're very interesting and so beautiful to look at them closely.)

November 6, 2011

Jupiter will be almost in Pisces on November 6, with the waxing gibbous moon right under the circlet. But, you won't be able to see any stars with the moon so close - it blocks out seeing stars, which is rather too bad becasue the circlet of Pisces is very dramatic. In supposition, if the moon wasn't that bright, can I still see Pisces? You'd have a very hard time with it. The bright star in Pisces is magnitude 4, which means visible, but hardly. November is a good time to view Pisces though, and this is where it will be located:

Right Ascension: 1 hour
Declination: 15 degrees
Visible between latitudes 90 and -65 degrees
Best seen in November (at 9:00 PM) 

Uranus, right beneath the moon tonight (on 11-6), is another treasure so many astronomers forsake to acknowledge. Because it is so dim (just around 5.5 magnitude, very dim) astronomers and stargazes don't view it, mainly becasue of its brightness, but also becasue the trouble involved of finding it. But, if you do, you will be rewarded with this, the presence of its moons (named after Shakespeare's characters nonetheless!) and the beautiful aqua color accompanied with rings galore: 

Near-infrared view of the ice giant planet Uranus, its rings and some of its moons; Credit: ESO

November 7, 2011

Tonight, Jupiter will be by the moon as the moon continues its promenade around the evening sky. Jupiter is still shining brightly and still can be observed while the moon travels next to it. The moons of Jupiter are still visible, as well. This will be the night to view craters and other features on the moon, becasue soon, the moon will be full, which releasing a hurting glare on your eyes when viewing it. Now, at waxing gibbous, the moon isn't bright enough to damage your eyes, making it perfect for viewing the terrain.

November 8, 2011

Tonight at around eleven pm, Jupiter and the Moon will conjunct for you, as the image above tries to display. This conjunction should be quite beautiful, with the moon and Jupiter together. points out something peculiar: "However, there’s another subtle motion. The moon is actually moving eastward toward Jupiter, even as the two luminaries drift westward throughout the night. That will become obvious by tomorrow, when you see a fuller waxing gibbous moon and Jupiter tomorrow night." The Picture below is for November 9, 2011.

Jupiter - king of planets, named accordingly...

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