Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Largest Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011: November 25 Eclipse Results

The Results are in! And yes, this eclipse was a success! Thousands of images have been pouring in on the web and I have chosen the best for Astronomical Events Calendar. The November 25, 2011 Partial-Solar Eclipse was the longest of its kind for 2011, yet 2012 brings us a rare annular eclipse among others. [The Text below was taken from the hyperlink article above].
Belonging to Saros 123, this eclipse will be seen over New Zealand, the tip of Africa, and of course Antarctica, while the greatest eclipse occurs at 06:20:17 UT with a magnitude of 0.905 near the coast of Antarctica at latitude -68° 34.1’, longitude +82° 24’. It starts at 04:23:14 UT, and ends at 08:17:16 UT.
The following picture was taken by Bonar Carson from Dunedin, New Zealand. "Partial solar eclipse from Dunedin, New Zealand. Photographed before it peaked as the clouds rolled in and blocked it from being visible at peak."


Mike Nicholson photographed the event about two minutes before sunset from Otaki Beach, NZ (above), "We were experiencing gale force Sou'westerlies when I took the picture. Low clouds plus flying salt and sand provided a natural filter to reduce the glare of the sun." The next picture was taken in Christchurch, New Zealand by "James," as he records: "I used Astro Physics 105mm Traveller and Nikon D7000 to capture some shots of the recent solar partial eclipse. There was some overcasted cloud to block the view at the first contact. Luckily, I got the better view at the final stage. But it had the optical distortion affected by the atmospheric turbulence at low horizon during the sunset."

If you know of any other pictures of this eclipse, please SUBMIT them to; as we would all like to enjoy them. [All images are not property of Astronomical Events Calendar - they have been taken from and are copyright the name above (for each picture)]. 

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