Monday, February 27, 2012

A Collection of Peculiarly-Worded Astronomy Articles

Over 2011 and early 2012, I have been keeping track of peculiarly worded astronomy articles, some of which are oxymorons, puns, and other funnily-worded phrases. [Below, for reference, is the article title, the publishing date, and the website on which it was taken | Dates are most current, first]. All of these have a corresponding article, they are not imagined - the authors did have a great imagination!

[Articles will keep on being added if they fit the bill!]

Shedding Light on the Moon's Dark Side (February 29, 2012) Earth Sky


Sheep in Wolf-Rayet's Clothing: New Image of Planetary Nebula Hen 3-1333 (February 20, 2012) Science Daily

El Gordo: A "Fat" Distant Galaxy Cluster (January 10, 2012) ESO 

Young Star Rebels Against its Parent's Cloud (December 15, 2011) Hubble European Space Agency

Sh2-239: Celestial Impasto (December 8, 2011) APOD

As sure as eggs are eggs (October 4, 2011) Supernova Condensate

Feast Your Eyes on the Fried Egg Nebula -- ESO's VLT spots a rare treat (September 28, 2011) ESO

Astronomers Crack the Fried Egg Nebula (September 27, 2011) Science Daily

Frankenstein's Moon: Astronomers Vindicate Account of Masterwork (September 26, 2011) Texas State University 

How Single Stars Lost their Companions (September 15, 2011) Royal Astronomical Society

Neutron Star Bites off More Than it Can Chew (June 28, 2011) ESA

Pandora's Cluster: A Galactic Crash Investigation (June 23, 2011) Hubble European Space Agency

Astronomers Discover that Galaxies are Either Asleep or Awake (June 22, 2011) Yale University News

Baby Stars Born to "Napping" Parents (June 15, 2011) Cardiff University

Feuding Helium Dwarfs Stars Exposed by Eclipse (May 26, 2011) Warwick University

Supernova Sonata! (May 26, 2011) APOD

Caught in the Act: Herschel Detects Gigantic Storms Sweeping Entire Galaxies Clean (May 9, 2011) Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE), via AlphaGalileo.


  1. New Addition: "The Feeding Habits of Teenage Galaxies" (March 14, 2012) ESO

  2. "Cassini Sees Saturn Stressing out Enceladus" (March 20, 2012) JPL-NASA

  3. "New Theory On Size of Black Holes: Gas-Guzzling Black Holes Eat Two Courses at a Time" (March 23, 2012) University of Leicester

  4. "Growing Up Supermassive: A Black Hole's Diet of Stars" (April 2, 2012) University of Utah

  5. "Herschel spots comet massacre around nearby star" (April 11, 2012) ESA

  6. "Most Quasars Live on Snacks, Not Large Meals" (June 19, 2012) HubbleSite