Friday, March 23, 2012

The Moon Returns to Jupiter and Venus

A perfect month ago from March 25, 2012, Venus and the young moon paired up with each other for a spectacular evening of the brightest planet and moon; astrophotographers and sky viewers experienced a beautiful skyscape amid the colors of the setting sun. But with that having been said, it is only fitting to speculate that what more could they do? For, as any stargazer knows, the moon will repeat its positions in the night sky after every revolution, and Jupiter and Venus will still be there; they're going to do it all over again!

This Sunday, March 25, 2012, Venus and Jupiter will be seen in the early evening to perhaps "conjunct" or pass close by the moon again, to provide us with another picturesque scene of the planets. On this date, Jupiter will be a quite number of degrees to the south of Venus (after their conjunction mid-March) and the moon will be (on the 25) next to Jupiter. Although Jupiter and Venus are continuing to travel on into the sunset (as they will be lost there in early May 2012), on March 26, the Moon will crest Venus; it traveling thirteen degrees each day, which explains the Moon's "retrograding" position in the night sky each day.

Viewing Venus will be a special treat this upcoming week, Sky and Telescope explains: "This is also a great time to view Venus through a telescope. You're actually more likely to see fine details in Venus's clouds during the day than at night, when Venus's overwhelming brilliance tends to overwhelm your eyes." It will transit the sun this June. What's that? Visit our page.

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