Friday, March 16, 2012

The Procession of the Planets: What Jupiter and Venus Did March 12-15

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus amazed many the past few nights with their display during conjunction. Only about three degrees from each other, Jupiter and Venus aligned and created a beautiful, picturesque scene for many astrophotographers and views around the globe. Below is a collection of the many photographs taken of this marvelous event!

The images are (according to captions) 1) Aleksander Gospic from Zadar, Croatia. "Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the western twilight sky behind Zadar's Greeting to the Sun installation and its Sun, which never sets ..." 2) Geoff Chester from Alexandria, Virginia (Note: This image is amazing, not like all of them aren't!). "As I was biking home tonight I stopped to look at the two planets on the Route 1 bridge over Four Mile Run. The water was particularly still, and despite the high-tension transmission lines it seemed worthy of an image. So here are two images stitched together. If you look carefully in the lower half of the composite you can see the reflection of Venus in the water." 3) Marco Meniero from Pisa, Italy. 

These are my favorite selections, there are more to be found on! 


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