Sunday, June 26, 2011

Events for the Week 6/26 to 7/1

July is quickly approaching, and more astronomical phenomena will occur. What I have learned this week: astronomy will not wait for you!

Events for Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today is a special day for the Jovian Moons. It will be the last day of the dual-transit season this summer [October 24, 2011 is next]! And, what's more, Jupiter will be in best view. Perched high in the morning sky (about twenty-five degrees east an hour before sunrise, Jupiter shines at magnitude -2.2 and if you look close enough, a Jovian Dual-transit begins. Io starts transit at 2:05 am EDT, and Europa’s shadow joins Io’s starting at 4:03 am EDT. "Observers can track both shadows for about 10 minutes." ( You can access simulator pictures here; these are the UT times and happenings during the dual-transit:

2011-Jun-26 06:00 Shadow Transit Ingress of Io
2011-Jun-26 07:16 Transit Ingress of Io
2011-Jun-26 08:01 Shadow Transit Ingress of Europa (Double Shadow Transit Begin)
2011-Jun-26 08:14 Shadow Transit Egress of Io (Double Shadow Transit End)
2011-Jun-26 08:21 Inferior conjunction of Io
2011-Jun-26 09:26 Transit Egress of Io
2011-Jun-26 10:33 Transit Ingress of Europa
2011-Jun-26 10:38 Shadow Transit Egress of Europa
2011-Jun-26 11:49 Inferior conjunction of Europa
2011-Jun-26 13:03 Transit Egress of Europa

In the evening: You can see the little dipper and big dipper, come to this page under the date 6/19.

Events for Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteriod MD 2011 will flyby earth. Read more in the link given. The image below shows other happenings in the sky tonight.

Events for Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[I apologize not to showcase events for this week. Sky&Telescope will in the mean time. I must apologize again!]

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