Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1, 2011: Partial Solar Eclipse Results

"The show is over! Applause to the moon and Sun!" tweets Knut Jøergen Røed Ødegaard in Bodø, Norway after the eclipse was finished. He tweeted earlier: "About 100 people and lots of cameras are studying the eclipse here in Bodø." So, the turn out of photographers was great and the eclipse itself was even better.

And now for the parade of pictures: What we've been waiting for!

1) Taken by Kulkova Svetlana in Bratsk, Russia.

2) Taken by Thomas Hagan, at Tromsø, Norway at local midnight

2) Taken by Travis Stagg in Fairbanks, Alaska. He comments: "Fairbanks was just north enough to catch the eclipse, although forest fires and clouds did their best to block it."

3) Taken by B.Art Braafhar in Sallatunturi, Finnish Lapland. He comments:
Pictures taken on the top of Sallatunturi, altitude 476m. It was the first night to observe the midnight sun and than there was also the eclipse! Almost perfect circumstances with some clouds. The sun tipped the horizon at the moment that the moon was covering the sun for the maximum what could be seen from my observation point. With two beautiful 'cat eyes' just above the horizon as a result.

4) Taken by Johan Kero, in Bergfors, Kiruna, Sweden. "We watched the eclipsed midnight sun and its reflection in a small lake southeast of Torne träsk." He writes.

5) To see a series of pictures of this eclipse from Tromsø and Bodø (with Kirkenes) Norway, come to this page and click on the file download entitled June 1 Partial Solar Eclipse Norway Image Results. A Great chain of pictures await you! (I've pasted a few pictures to show you the best--All from Tromsø, Norway))